The folks who get it done.

Jeremy Mace


Ross McDaniel

Vice President

Josh Whiting

Art Director

Turner Simkins


Mariam Baxter

Project Manager

TJ Kaszas

Director of Advertising and Strategy

Colin Berry

Director of Systems

Sara Head

Account Executive

Stu Stincer

Community Management


Home, sweet home.

Not actual space, but like the space we work in most of the week.


Apprentice under an expert.

Web Intern

  • Experience with HTML / CSS
  • Good detective skills (aka "problem solving")
  • Strong design sense
  • Familiar with Wordpress, Squarespace and Hubspot (is a plus)
  • Any other code skills (java, php) is a plus

Advertising Intern

  • Experience with Adwords or Facebook Ads
  • Lifetime learner
  • Detail oriented
  • Enjoys following a process
  • Competitive
  • Analytical

Copywriter Intern

  • Full of ideas
  • Good at proofreading speling and gramer
  • Loves reading and learning
  • Already writing for blog, work or school
  • Can tolerate copious amounts of puns (from your supervisor)

Down to party?

(a.k.a. work really hard and learn a lot)


Flexible vacation schedule, coffee, snacks, drinks, beer, dad jokes, close proximity to nerds.