The folks who get it done.

Ross McDaniel

Director of Accounts

Stephen Towns

Business Development

Susie Adamson

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Hitchcock

Partner / Business Development

Jeremy Mace


Mariam Baxter

Account Executive

Turner Simkins

Managing Partner / Business Development

TJ Kaszas

Ad Operations Specialist

John Robeson

Senior Designer

Sara Head

Account Executive

Josh Whiting

Production Manager

Stu Stincer

Community Management

Colin Berry

SEO and Copywriter


Home, sweet home.

Not actual space, but like the space we work in most of the week.


Now trading money for time.

Jr. Developer

  • Stellar with HTML / CSS / Java
  • Strong design sense
  • Familiar with Hubspot
  • Quick learner
  • Team player
  • Self-starter

Ad Ops Specialist

  • Experience with social advertising
  • Lifetime learner
  • Flexible
  • Detail oriented
  • Enjoys following a process


  • Hungry
  • Looking for agency experience
  • Quick learner
  • Familiar with spreadsheets, social media, email ettiquette, and alarm clocks.

Down to party?

(a.k.a. work really hard)


Some form of Health insurance, flexible vacation schedule, coffee, snacks, drinks, beer, use of the company toilet, bad jokes, close proximity to nerds.