Case Study: 4 Ways Digital Marketing Works for Attorneys

1. Take First Place on Google

There might not be an official prize, but showing up as the first result on Google will reward you with 33% of the clickthroughs, which can be increased even further with good writing. If you’re not actively building your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and adding new keywords to compete for, you’re losing business to those who do. When executed properly, Google can provide you with a steady stream of ideal clients, but you have to invest to succeed.

2. Have a Website That Converts

How many people leave your website without converting? One of the most preventable losses of clients is when an attorney’s website design fails to win over window-shopping customers. This is especially true if you’re running intensive traditional advertising such as TV ads and billboards, where your advertisements are being stifled by a poor digital advertising strategy. Creating a high quality website that monitors your conversions can make all the difference.

3. Stave Off Competitive Conquests

If you were to do a Google search of your name, are you the first to come up in the sponsored links at the top? Chances are, your competitors are fighting very hard to show up first on searches of your name. In digital advertising, this is called competitive conquesting, and the only way to make sure you’re not actively losing potential clients is to have an Ad Ops specialist always remaining vigilant against incursions (and taking the fight to their search results).

4. Create Clients with Social Media

How many people like and follow you on Facebook or Twitter? You might be missing out on one of your best streams of potential customers by not actively maintaining and communicating on social media. When you build a sizable social media following, you are not just creating a positive reputation for yourself, you're creating a network of future references that can increase your firm's client size in the long run.

Colin Berry

Written by Colin Berry

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