The 3 Basic SEO Tips Everyone Should Know

Are you looking to improve your SEO? Are your potential customers being siphoned away by a competitor with a stronger search ranking? Search Engine Optimization might not be all rainbows and sparkles, but there are some basic tips that anyone can do. Here are the best three to start optimizing your website.


1: Make Sure Every Page has a Meta Description

The best place to start your Search Engine Optimization is your direct line of communication with Google. When you search for your website on Google, what does the result say? Does it make sense and instantly tell people about your brand? If the answer is no, your website is actively turning away potential site traffic.

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To fix this (and unlock free SEO benefits), you need to write your meta title and meta description, so that Google knows what your site is about. While the process might vary depending on your website (Squarespace is a particularly helpful one), the basic rule of thumb is that your meta title should be around 50 characters and your meta description should be around 150 characters.


2: Use Directories to Improve Your Ranking

The next step is to start enlisting other websites to vouch for you through links. Basically, if other trustworthy sites link to your website, Google decides you are more trustworthy by association (since no one wants to send people from their site to a bad one). The better the site, the more Google trusts you. But before you get too perturbed, there is an easy step here. Find reputable directory sites such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, and FourSquare, and add yourself to the mix, making sure you include all of the information you can. That way when Yellow Pages scores the top result for searches in your area, you can still be found.

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3: Write Content That Attracts the Right People

While it might take more time and energy to setup, generating content that answers the questions your potential customers have is one of the best ways to lift your company's SEO rank. Google not only loves sites that consistenly produce content, but the more content you write, the more searches you have the potential to rank on. 



And thats it, with these basic steps you can start to establish your company's SEO position, and get the authority your company deserves. While it might not be as effective as hiring an SEO expert (Ahem), you can still get a surprising amount done. 

Colin Berry

Written by Colin Berry

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