Get the Most Out of Your Video Advertising

A Breakdown of the Different Digital Platforms

It should come as no surprise that Online Advertising is taking off, especially with video formats. The problem though is that without direction or experience, digital advertising can swing wildly between completely ineffective and too expensive to justify. To make matters even more confusing, each platform has its own systems, strengths and weaknesses, as well as particular core audience. But thanks to Business Insider’s newly released report on the explosive growth of social video advertising, we can easily visualize the differences and advantages of using each of the different platforms.


As with other forms of Facebook Advertising, the two unique advantages of Facebook are sheer numbers and advanced targeting. With an active monthly user count of nearly a third of the world's population, Facebook has more than enough users to help you grow. Before that seems overwhelming, Facebook has devised an intense targeting system to help deliver your video straight to your best potential customers. While there are certainly downsides in the lack of control over when/where your video ads appear and whether the user will engage with the advertisement on their News Feed, Facebook video advertising is one of the best choices for conversions.


The younger sibling to Facebook, what Instagram lacks in reach, it makes up for in engagement. Featuring a much younger audience, the value of Instagram’s advertising comes from the stunning amount of time each user spends on their site. While Facebook might offer a daily average of 40 minutes on the site per user, Instagram boasts of having closer to an hour per user. Combined with the radically higher brand engagement, Instagram can be paramount in engaging with your audience and getting the word out. The age range skews Millennial, but Instagram can be an effective tool to target engaged users across all demographics.


As the largest video-sharing website, Youtube can guarantee engagement in a way that none of the other platforms can. Since it’s users aren’t e entering the site intending to watch videos, the likelihood of the user paying attention to the video is significantly increased. While advertising on Youtube is seen by some brands as a contentious issue, it remains one of the most effective platforms for serving your ads.


While it might not have the reach or engagement that larger platforms have, Snapchat is one of the best tools for engaging with younger viewers. It also keeps a wide variety of innovative ad formats to ensure that you can deliver unique advertisements directly to your potential customers. Though advertisements typically do not have substantial click-throughs, brand awareness campaigns can find a lot of success on this platform.

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