5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Doesn't Work

Does Digital Marketing Really Work?

Yes, yes it does. But to be fair, we did find some situations and exceptions where Digital Marketing fails

1. The Data Is Never Used

The single greatest strength of digital marketing above all other forms of marketing, is the measurability of every single element. No matter what the medium or platform is, there is a veritable treasure trove of data waiting to be analyzed. When combined with A/B testing of specific elements, you have a lethally effective combination. Leaving that data on the table will cripple your digital advertising potential.

2. The Data Is Not Trusted

In any business, there will always come a time where your perceptions don't match actuality. Your business, customers, and image are always evolving in real time, and when your understanding remains static for too long, it doesn't match up. The important part is what happens after the disconnect, at the moment you run into data that conflicts with your views. While outliers, small sample sizes, and misreprensentations can very easily distort the truth, in all situations with verified, accurate data, the data should win out over your assumptions. Otherwise your digitial advertising (and all other advertising for that matter) will begin to break down.

3. You're Targeting The Wrong Audience

While targeting is one of the larger advantages of digital marketing, if you've inaccurately identified target personas, the entire campaign is doomed from the start. Properly identifying your audience is the crucial first step towards making sure your advertising works.

4. The Business Model Is Flawed

Digital Marketing can do a lot of different things for your company, but if the core business model is broken, there's not much even it can do. Although, if your business' problem is flagging sales with no real way to quantify how and when your advertising performance works, then have I got a solution for you.

5. Unrealistic Expections Set The Bar

It's not the first time we've discussed the destructive power of unrealistic expectations, but expecting your digital advertising to work like an instant gratification money machine is never going to match reality. In every instance of true success, the recipe is always hard work and gradual gains. While we can promise to help you win, digital marketing is not going produce leads 30 minutes into the launch.

Colin Berry

Written by Colin Berry

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