Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson
Business Development
Augusta, GA

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Chris’s Role at NewFire

Chris heads up Business Development for NewFire Media. In this position, his primary goal is to help business owners grow their company by connecting them to our team of digital marketing experts.

With a background in marketing strategy, Chris is also able to help NewFire clients identify the most efficient and cost-effective marketing methods for reaching their revenue goals.

Personal Life

Here are a handful of non-business related facts about Chris:

  • He is a minimalist
  • He only wears black, white and grey
  • His son's name is Neptune
  • His wife is "amazing" (his words)
  • He played college basketball (despite his height)
  • He's been confused for Francis Chan and Shaka Smart a few times
Feel free to reach out to Chris at if you ever want to chat about business, marketing or simply to connect as peers.
He's cool. Let's do business.