Evans Medical Group


Telling the Story

Evans Medical Group is a family focused medical practice in Evans and Augusta, Georgia. While they were producing some leads through word of mouth, they needed a better way to broadcast their quality care online and make sure people have an easy way to contact them. And so, they contacted NewFire Media to give them a new brand and website. By identifying the unique nature of Evans Medical Group’s family focus, NewFire helped craft a website to serve as the perfect home for their story.

“As the administrator of a medical practice, we were in need of an overall rebranding. One that would helps us share the story of why we exist and our core values with the community. After we met with the NewFire team and shared the history and vision of our practice we felt they could handle that – and they did. We have been extremely pleased with their results and are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with their team as we partner to share our story with both our patients and the community at large.”

- Danny Hobbs, Evans Medical Group Office Administrator

More Leads

100+ phone calls per month generated through targeted digital ads

Higher Search Rankings

65.9% increase in total organic Google searches

Better Phone Calls

47.3% of incoming calls from ads deemed a "valuable phone call" with a call length longer than one minute of time

Making the Connection

But Evans Medical Group was not just looking for good storytellers. They needed a partner who could put that story in front of potential patients looking for a new doctor’s office to call home. To achieve their goals, NewFire launched a comprehensive strategy that immediately began to create results.


“Everything was centered around a better patient experience. When an existing patient is looking up information on the site, we want that to be fast and fantastic. When a new patient is trying to find the number on their phone on the way to their appointment, we wanted to be easy to find. When a user has a question or comment, we want to be there with a quick answer, regardless of platform - Google Places, Yelp, Facebook, Care.com.. do you want me to keep going?”

- Josh Whiting, NewFire Media Creative Director

It Keeps Getting Better

And this was only the start. Since our first month working for Evans Medical Group, their incoming phone calls has more than doubled, new patient interest has increased almost three times over, and their business has never been better. From identifying their brand’s story, creating the website to place it in, all the way to finding the new patients to bring it, NewFire Media created the perfect formula for success for Evans Medical Group.


Increase in patient leads


Decrease in average cost per patient lead


Increase in phone calls received from digital ads

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