- Verb. (pronunciation: stra-ti-web-ur-vizing)

Sure, the word is made up, but it's what we do every day. Why? Because winning on the web is not easy. What you need is a partner with a game plan - not only for your web presence, but a strategy for digital advertising and social media content. You're good at your job, so let us help you be ready for whatever MySpace, Facebook, Snapchat, Google and the FUTURE have in store!

Sounds good. Onward!

We work with people
just like you.

Marketing Teams

Intimately understands their business needs and goals.

Needs more leads.

Needs help developing and running robust digital advertising and web services.

Lead-Based Business

Looking for help to build digital strategy.

Trying to get more eyeballs on the website.

Wants to find ROI with digital advertising.

Other Agencies

Crushes traditional advertising and creative.

Needs a digital advertising partner to land big accounts.

Needs to offload some digital or creative services to a qualified team.

Sure, we’re good at lots of things. But we’re not here to sell you a recipe. At the end of the day, all you’re really looking for is:

Hard Work & Results

Here’s some examples of ways we’ve helped our clients succeed online.

Boring SEO Copy:

NewFire Media is an online advertising agency in Augusta Georgia. We are really good at Google Adwords, web design, digital advertising, online advertising (which is the exact same thing as digital advertising), banner advertising, online marketing, user experience design, Hubspot website building, Wordpress, Squarespace, landing page design and build, Facebook advertising, social community management, social media marketing, content strategy, copywriting, Instagram advertising, campaign optimization, lead generation, SEO services (search engine optimization), setting up wicked awesome social schedules, and creative direction for your online campaigns (unless you’ve got another group already handling this for you). Did I mention that we’re an advertising agency Augusta Georgia? Also, the “in” was intentionally left out of that last sentence because filler words can jack up keyword matching, in some cases. I digress - NewFire offers managed services through advertising and intelligence platforms to improve ROI in digital media across various web, mobile, video, and social channels. As a Google Partner, we provide custom strategies and marketing solutions for our clients. Also, just to keep the brag-wagon rolling, we are not just a Google Agency; we are a Google Partner. While our clients love our results-oriented platforms, they have confirmed that it is our insights and ability to communicate that sets us apart. In other words, we strive to “humanize” the cold, confusing world of digital advertising. We analyze deep intelligence and key metrics to provide easy-to-understand and actionable performance insights. Mic drop.

Speaking of SEO...

We like to give our clients a little boost when we launch their new sites by linking to them right here. You see, sometimes it takes Google a while to recognize and trust new websites. One way we can help these folks out is by linking to their site. It's sort of like being a website's wingman: when Google comes around we say "Haaaaave you met RockFore!Dough?" and get the conversation started.