Krystal Hamburger

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Listening, Following and Leading for the Little Fast Food Giant

Whether the conversation is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the latest social gathering site, we monitor and respond for regional chain of fast-food restaurants. By leveraging a combination of powerful platforms and actual humans, we ensure that the brand never misses a chance to engage in a conversation, answer a complaint or celebrate a great review.


Square burgers since 1932

Krystal got started making the best little burgers over 81 years ago and they are still making them today. These burgers have a zealous following that has translated to an active and thriving digital sub-culture of fans and advocates. NewFire provides community management, review and post monitoring and audience insights for Krystal.

Picture of Krystals original location
Stu Juggling Electionics for social media marketing


So. Many. Platforms.

Not only do we manage the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles for Krystal, our team of experienced managers use Yext to address the problem of maintaining information stored in multiple online data sources like Google, Foursquare, Yelp! and others. We make sure that the right information is available online to make it easy to find a Krystal when the craving hits. NewFire manages the data for over 370 stores, processing customer service issues and funneling them to the appropriate personnel at Krystal. With over 86K searches a month and 21K reviews in the last month, NewFire is the front line of communication for Krystal. 


What do we do with all of this data?

That's the big question and we answer it with monthly insight meetings and consulting services that clearly communicate shifts in tone and direction for Krystal. By not only monitoring and responding on behalf of the brand, but actually helping the brand understand their presence online, Krystal is able to move forward with new products with confidence and expand its operations as it continues to grow. Those small burgers do some amazing things!

Tactics Employed:

  • Amazon advertising
  • SEO
  • Social content strategy and implementation
  • Promoted Social
  • Paid Social
  • Remarketing
  • Coordination with existing team and publisher
  • Audience targeting
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