7 Pictures That Will Make You Say "That's Not A Tide Ad, That's Just A Picture of David Harbour"

Do you live in constant fear that at any moment an orange container of laundry detergent could appear next to a picture of beloved actor David Harbour? Fear no more, for I have collected together pictures of David Harbour that are completely free of Tide Ads.

1. Suck It Tide, You Can't Clean Velvet.

2. This Suit is Dry Clean Only, Take Your Detergent Elsewhere.

3. You Can't Mix Tide and Leather, So Go Somewhere Else.

4. I Don't Even Know What Material This Is But You Probably Can't Tide It.

5. Yeah, Take That Tide! Wait, That's A Really Clean Shirt...

6. Why Are You Smiling? Did You Use Tide On That Shirt?

7. Is This A Tide Ad? Are We In A Tide Ad Right Now???

Can We Really Trust David Harbour Anymore?

Colin Berry

Written by Colin Berry

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