99% of People Can't Solve These Brain Teasers

Are you smarter than 99% of people? Try to solve these problems and find out!

1. Is this statement True or False?

Can you find the answer to this problem?Hodge Conjecture.svg

If you're smarter than 99% of people, this problem should be a breeze. And lucky you, when you finish you get 1 million dollars! Just send the Clay Mathematics Institue a quick email, and claim your prize!

Math not your subject? Here's a quick philosophy teaser for you:

2. Can you find Thesius' Ship?

Thesius once had a great ship, but parts of it kept falling off. If he replaces every part that falls off with a new piece, does the identity of the ship change? Now, if someone was following Thesius, and builds a new ship out of the fallen pieces of Thesius' ship, who has the real Ship of Thesius? scared emoji.pngscreaming emoji.pngscared emoji.png

3. Are You Smart Enough To Find the Zodiac Killer?

 More of a crytography fan? Here is your clue:

Zodiac killer cypher.gif

Thanks to your 1% intellect, hunting down the Zodiac Killer will be a breeze! Only share if you've solved it! 

4. Hidden Picture Puzzle!


Can you find the missing people from Roanoke in this map? Solve this centuries-old headscratcher for the rest of us dummies!


You Did It! 

If you've gotten this far, you are truly among the top 1% in intelligence! Thank you for making the world a better place for us dumb people. Share this to your social media to announce to the world your astounding success and receive the fame and fortune you deserve!

Colin Berry

Written by Colin Berry

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