John Wrote A Thing In 4 Minutes

Note before reading: John, our photographer and graphic designer, was challenged by our writer (me) to create a blog post in less than four minutes, since it seemed so easy. So after timing him for four minutes, this is what he wrote:

Michael was a long haired blue eyed dog. His owners gave him a human name because they were simple minded and didn’t want to take the time to consider how a human named dog would react to his non dog human name. Michale was cool with it. So that worked out. One day Michael was alone with his thoughts as many dogs find them selfs around 2 pm.

His thoughts drifted in and out of wild and far off places to things closer by like an ant walking in his food bowl. He gave that ant a name. Lindsey was this ants name. The ant did not approve of his new dog appointed name. But sadly he couldn’t do anything about it because he’s an ant. Michale then moved on in his thoughts the topic of children and the why they need things.

Colin Berry

Written by Colin Berry

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