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Getting Exposed

Serving the right ads at the right time is critical to drive new traffic that converts. Navigating the complex landscape of big-time competitors and oversaturated messaging, we expertly operate the Double Click BidManager platform to harness the power of banner ads to get those conversions. Oh yeah, and we do it at 1/3 the cost of the other vendors!



The sexiest attribution model ever. is an upstart online tax preparation software company that allows Americans to e-file their federal and state income tax returns. NewFire has partnered with TaxSlayer to provide programmatic display advertising services to ensure that new customers are introduced to the brand and that returning users are coming back to file. For the last two years, TaxSlayer has used Visual IQ, the world's leading cross channel attribution system to show exactly how their marketing and media efforts are impacting their bottom-line. With TaxSlayer's focus on ROI, the Visual IQ software has allowed them to build an attribution model that includes every vendor and channel.


Tactics Employed:

  • Display Advertising using Google's Double Click BidManager Platform

  • Bell-Curve Budget Allocations
  • Prospecting and Brand Awareness Tactics
  • Recency and Remarketing Tactics
  • Creative Optimizations
  • Direct Buy and Programmatic Ad Delivery
  • Coordination with Attribution Partner, Visual IQ and other Agencies
  • Valuable Data Insights and Reporting

Off to the Races

We competed head-to-head against 4 other vendors, using the same creative. The best performing campaign wins.

NewFire Media

A banner Advertisement by NewFire.jpg

Cost per E-File:

Cheapest E-Files
(by a long shot)*

Vendor 2

A banner ad by a competitor

Cost per E-File:

Ehh.. Not too bad*

Vendor 3

A banner Ad by another competitor

Cost per E-File:

Waaay to expensive*

*We'd love to show you the real numbers, but we love our client even more. We don't want to disclose any information that could help their competition.
Tax Slayer digital advertising trophy


And the winner is...

NewFire has run prospecting and remarketing display (banner) advertising campaigns for TaxSlayer and is the most-cost effective of all the other vendors, providing a 50% higher CTR, 70% lower Cost Per Action and the most efficient use of budgets. Whether it is serving ads directly on some of the most effective publisher sites OR following site visitor's around the web with remarketing ads, NewFire delivers the brand exposure and full funnel approach that enables TaxSlayer to continue doing what they do best... taxes!

Impressive. Do that for me!