Turner Simkins

Turner Simkins 
Managing Partner / Business Development
North Augusta, SC

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Turner’s Role at NewFire

Turner Simkin’s serves as a Managing Partner for NewFire and is also the President of Blue Beech, a real estate development and marketing consulting firm based in North Augusta, South Carolina. While playing key roles in a number of master-planned communities around the United States, Simkins has devoted the last ten years of his career to sustainable development and redevelopment projects, thus leading to his founding of Blue Beech, as a response to, and as a conscious effort to demonstrate, that new models must be established in order for our nation to grow in a responsible manner.

Turner’s approach with clients is to carefully listen and learn about their organization and business goals. From there, he works with the NewFire core team to provide clients with the solutions needed to make their businesses successful. His strong marketing and business development knowledge all further help facilitate the process of bringing new clients on board while keeping existing customers happy. Turner is a 1987 graduate of Washington and Lee University.

Personal Life

A character in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol was named after Turner – really. Turner is also is really good at playing guitar.

He's cool. Let's do business.