Westrock Coffee

Westrock Coffee - NewFire Media Advertising Agency

Wake Up and Smell the Branding

Getting the word out about your ethically-sourced coffee is hard work. But once Westrock Coffee called NewFire Media to take care of advertising, it was smooth sailing. By taking advantage of the full range of NewFire Media’s services, Westrock Coffee substantially increased their product sales with focused retailers and revitalized their brand recognition.

Coffee that feels as good as it tastes

Westrock Coffee is an Arkansas based coffee company that delivers ethically sourced coffee by participating in every part of the process. They deliver high quality coffee grounds to American markets, all while working closely with local farmers in South America and Africa. Westrock Coffee even set up #OneCommonGoal, an initiative designed to promote the fair treatment of farmers to create lasting change. But while their goals were pure, they needed someone flexible enough to handle a variety of advertisements. Enter NewFire Media.


You want it, we got it

Westrock Coffee had considerable number of specific digital advertising needs, and NewFire delivered. From intense photography sessions to optimized website design, to social media graphics, to paid search and search engine promotions, we did it all. To top it off, we even created a customized Geo-Targeted Product Locator, which automatically finds all of the grocery stores that sell Westrock Coffee near you. NewFire was versatile enough to handle any job Westrock needed, and it paid off.

Tactics Employed

  • E-Commerce
  • Website Strategy
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Hosting
  • Customized Location
  • Paid Social
  • Video ads
  • Display advertising
  • Product Photography
  • Print Ad Design
  • Social media Graphics
  • Email Design
  • Paid Search
  • Are you really still reading this?
  • Geo Targeted Proximity Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Videography

"There is no doubt that the NewFire Team are experts at what they do. We began working together in 2014. At that time, we began telling the stories of the farmers who grow our coffee in a deeper, more emotional way through digital communications. They were instrumental in helping us gain the footing for creatively displaying the heart of our company. They achieved that by creating our website, leading us through innovative digital promotions and moving quickly when key opportunities presented themselves."

  - Tori Gay, Westrock Coffee

The Cup Runneth Over

By hiring NewFire Media to create steady and sustainable brand awareness, Westrock coffee overhauled their growth. Due to our work, Westrock substantially increased product sales for focused retailers. NewFire’s flexibility allowed Westrock to have a presence in nearly every element of digital advertising, making for a very satisfied client, and even happier farmers.

Impressive. Do that for me!